Monthly Archives: December 2021

Boone County Shines a Light on the Road to Recovery and Rehabilitation: A BCSO Client Testimonial


As previously reported, the Boone County Sheriff’s Office’s (BCSO) primary focus remains on the rehabilitation of its inmates or “clients” and reducing the recidivism rate, albeit the county jail’s current recidivism rate is at 17%—down from 44%. BSCO attributes the success of its behavioral health and rehabilitation programs, such as …

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Building Infrastructure Today for Tomorrow’s Boone County

The Boone County Commissioners’ and Boone County Highway Department’s schedules are already in high gear looking at completing and commencing existing and new county projects throughout the 2022 new year. Commissioners Tom Santelli and Jeff Wolfe, along with Boone County Highway Department Director Nick Parr, shared details on some of …

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Sylvia’s Child Advocacy Center Advocates for All of Boone County’s Children

Posted: 1/24/22 It is important for residents to know that Boone County has established reputable behavioral health, addiction recovery and other related organizations that are available to ALL of Boone County’s residents. It is also important folks know about Sylvia’s Child Advocacy Center (Sylvia’s CAC), which advocates for the county’s …

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