Boone County Commissioners Announce Anticipated Road Closures and Construction Updates

The Boone County Commissioners are dedicated to improving our county’s infrastructure to enhance safety and convenience for our residents and visitors. As part of our ongoing efforts, we would like to inform the public about upcoming road closures and construction projects scheduled to take place in the following weeks.

  1. CR 375 N (Lower Simmons Road), from CR 150 W (Witt Road) to SR 39, will be closed for road reconstruction starting in mid-October. We anticipate this closure to remain in effect until the end of the year.
  1. CR 150 W (Witt Road), from CR 450 N (Upper Simmons Road) to SR 47, has been closed since September 18th for road reconstruction and is expected to remain closed until the end of the year.

During these road reconstruction projects, access to local properties within the construction limits will be maintained. Property owners are encouraged to coordinate with the Contractor, Milestone Construction, for specific access details.

In addition to these closures, please be aware of the following short-term closures for intersection modifications and the installation of temporary traffic signals:

CR 300 N at US 52: Southbound (SB) 52 left turns to Eastbound (EB) 300 will be closed until October 20th. During this time, CR 300 N will only have right-in and right-out access.

CR 300 N at US 52: Westbound (WB) 300 left turns to Southbound (SB) 52 will be closed until October 20th. CR 300 N will only have right-in and right-out access during this period.

CR 300 N, from CR 150 W (Witt Road) to US 52: EB traffic on 300 N is anticipated to be restricted for intersection improvements at CR 300 N and US 52 from October 23rd to November 14th. CR 300 N will be open for WB traffic only during this time.

CR 300 N, from CR 150 W (Witt Road) to US 52: A complete closure is anticipated to be in effect for storm sewer construction at the intersection of CR 300 N and US 52 from October 28th to October 29th.

CR 300 N at SR 39:  Lane restrictions are anticipated to be in place from November 20th until December 5th for intersection improvements and traffic signal installation.

Please note that this schedule is subject to change and dependent on weather conditions.

In addition to these road closures, please be advised that CSX Railroad crossing closures are ongoing and will continue over the next few weeks.

Current closures include SR 47 east of 150 W and 200 E north of 600 S, roads are estimated to be closed for 3 days.

Completed CSX Railroad crossing closures include:

750 S

550 S, 500 S, and 450 S, all located between 200 E and 100 E

400 S between 50 E and 125 E

250 S between John Shaw Road and 50 E

SR 39 just south of Tyre Road

125 S west of SR 39

Enterprise Blvd west of SR 39

300 N West of SR 39

Remaining closure for CSX crossing repairs:

900N just south of the county line

Nick Parr, Boone County Director of Highways

“We are committed to minimizing disruptions and ensuring the safety of our community during these infrastructure improvements. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during these necessary construction projects,” said Nick Parr, Boone County Director of Highways. 


November 5, 2023


Rachael Coverdale