Boone County Commissioners Unanimously Approve Two-Year Moratorium on Solar Projects


Lebanon, IN – April 15, 2024 – On April 15, the Commissioners Meeting resulted in a unanimous vote to enact a two-year moratorium on large-scale solar parks and wind farms. This decision followed a public meeting convened by the Boone County Commissioners on April 4, 2024, specifically to discuss concerns regarding these projects.

The Boone County Commissioners stated, “We’re pleased to announce the adoption of a two-year solar moratorium, reflecting the strong community support. We extend our gratitude to all community members for their valuable input. Now, it’s time to focus on finalizing our solar ordinances and comprehensive plan.”

The Boone County Commissioners eagerly anticipate continued collaboration with residents as they navigate decisions regarding solar farms and wind energy initiatives within the county.

About Boone County:

Boone County, located in the heart of Indiana, is known for its rich history, vibrant communities, and commitment to innovation and progress. With a growing population and diverse economy, Boone County is dedicated to providing residents with high-quality services and a high standard of living.


Janelle Morrison

Communications Consultant

MADD Media Solutions