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Boone County Shines a Light on the Road to Recovery and Rehabilitation: A BCSO Client Testimonial


As previously reported, the Boone County Sheriff’s Office’s (BCSO) primary focus remains on the rehabilitation of its inmates or “clients” and reducing the recidivism rate, albeit the county jail’s current recidivism rate is at 17%—down from 44%. BSCO attributes the success of its behavioral health and rehabilitation programs, such as …

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Boone County Convention and Visitors Bureau Saves Local Tradition

The Boone County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) stepped in to save a local tradition in Zionsville that brings tourism to the county as well as supports a local business and ecosystem, all while creating beautiful memories and opportunities for respite from one’s daily grind. Fly-Fishing Promotes Tourism in Zionsville …

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